Why Real HCG Drops Are Illegal and Hard to Purchase

Searching for real HCG drops? Be prepared to be dismayed.

The reason? You will never find real HCG drops online or offline. All you can get is homeopthic HCG drops.

Here’s Why?

FDA’s Stance on HCG

You need to understand the FDA’s stand on HCG.

According to FDA, HCG cannot be used for treating any disease. It can only be used in fertility treatment of women. Any other use of HCG is completed against the law.

Moreover, HCG is a prescribed medication. You cannot even purchase it over the counter. For you to even have HCG prescribed you must have fertility issues, be a woman and get a prescription from a licensed physician in USA.

Why HCG Brands Are Promotion Their Drops As Real HCG Drops

First of all, these brands cannot manufacture or sell Real HCG Drops. To do so will require special permission from government. Kind of like running an online pharmacy.

These brands are allowed to sell only homeopathic HCG drops. Or they can sell a solution of bottle which does not contain HCG but can be labeled as HCG.

Coming to the question as to why these brands pass their HCG drops as real is because more and more people are looking for Real HCG Drops.

These common people do not know that buying real HCG drops is impossible. They think that for whatever reason they are purchasing real HCG drops, it might help with that.

For instance, many people are looking for HCG drops to lose weight with the HCG diet.

And they believe that taking the help of a real HCG drop solution will help them to lose more weight.

And this is exactly what these brands are after.

See no one is selling real HCG drops. All are just sellers of homeopathic drops. And all are at the same time promoting their drops are real HCG drops.

Only a few select people are searching for homeopathic drops. More and more people are searching for real HCG drops.

What is the solution to buy HCG Drops

There is only one solution.

Either you can go to your local doctor and tell him you need to have an prescription of HCG or work your way around it. Get a prescription and purchase a bottle of real HCG drops from the pharmacist.

Or you can make use of online HCG Clinics. These were specifically created for the purpose of selling HCG. These online HCG clinics will assess your form and provide a prescription from a licensed physician within the US.

Don’t worry no matter what you do, you will receive a prescription and a bottle of real HCG drops.

There is one drawback

See these online pharmacies and your local doctor will charge you no less $300.

So you need to spend some money on getting real HCG drops.

Unfortunately, most people are not ready to spend the above mentioned amount and they fall back to homeopathic drops.

A Famous Strategy Followed by Bloggers

Bloggers compared the price of Homeopathic HCG drops and Real HCG drops. They tell readers that homeopathic drops help lose the same amount of weight as of real HCG drops. This makes the reader to re assess their belief of real HCG drops.

Finally, considering the price and expecting the same amount of weight loss they tend to purchase homeopathic drops.

Where to Find These Online HCG Clinics

There are several of them. Most of them aren’t licensed. Unfortunately, we are not an expert in this field. But we know of someone who is.

They are www.ghcg.org. This site is dedicated to find and searching for sites selling real HCG Drops. No matter what brand you are they provided a detailed instruction of where to buy real HCG drops.

Visit their website and you will be able to find some never ever heard websites selling real HCG drops.

Please remember that it might be illegal to purchase HCG without prescription. You take the risks involved. These merchants can close the site anytime and leave you in the middle.

And if they are imported from other countries you are responsible for the package.

So do your due diligence before ordering any HCG package.

Note: Never just purchase HCG because of its low priced bottle. It is better to shell some extra bucks and get HCG from licensed seller.