Tips for Handling Phase Three of HCG Diet

Phase three is considered the most difficult part of the HCG diet. Maintaining your weight by following a strict diet and restricting yourself from eating some foods is very hard or almost anyone. Before you get sued to not taking sugar or starch, it will take a while. Phase three does not have such luxury of time and the users of the diet are required to start restricting themselves from certain foods immediately which is very hard. However, you must congratulate yourself for getting to phase three of the HCG diet, it is quite an accomplishment. So many people are usually afraid of phase three of the HCG diet because they don’t want to get that far and then gain their weight back due to inability to stay away from sugary and starchy foods. The scariest part about this phase is that it is different, it is not controlled and you are not assured of maintaining your weight because that will depend on your discipline of the foods you eat.

Before you start phase three of the HCG diet, you must prepare yourself to transition from the more controlled phase environment of phase two to a different less assuring and fully dependent on you phase three environment. You need to read all the information on the HCG guide and understand it, prepare your body and yourself mentally and physically for the phase and start a spreadsheet for phase three only to help you track your progress. You also need to list all the foods allowed in phase there and the foods you are likely to eat.

During phase three of the HCG diet, you are not allowed to eat sugars or starches. This is what makes this phase challenging and scary. Staying away from sugary and starchy foods is very difficult. This will require you to read labels carefully to see if a certain product or food has sugar or starch and in what amounts. During this phase you must also eat to hunger. You must teach yourself to eat only when you are hungry and stop eating when you have taken enough. This means that you eat just enough to be satisfied and not to be overly full. This will help you maintain your weight. You are allowed to have a limited amount of calories in phase three of the HCG diet but the intake should not be all at once but gradually.

To handle this phase, you must introduce food groups and fats slowly. The reasons for this are that your body may be sensitive to certain foods at the start of the phase but react well later in the phase and also you may discover your body has a true intolerance to some food groups and this information will help you maintain your weight your whole life easily. You must also keep your weight below 2 lbs. If you find it hard to maintain your weight within 2 lb or if it goes above it then you can opt for a steak day where you fast the whole day and eat a large steak in the evening with a tomato or apple and then drinking a lot of water. After doing all the above, you must remember to check and keep track of your weight daily.