The Use of HCG Injections & Side Effects

he human Gonadotropin hormone plays a great role in the stimulation of the egg in the ovary. In addition, it is way of dealing with cases of infertility among women. With the help of a medical expert, you can have the product injected into your muscles or under your skin. In case you want to use it at your own home, follow the guidelines given by a professional doctor to the latter for your own safety since over dosage can cause you more harm than good. Once you are through with the process if you opt to do it yourself, dispose the needles properly.

How to use HCG products

You should know should number of things the use of the HCG products for your safety. To begin with, for home injection, use one needle at once and dispose it. You should never think of cleaning the same so that you reuse it later because of one reason or the other. When you are not aware of how to go about it do not make an attempt because it is matter of life and you cannot afford taking chances whatsoever. Moreover, you should frequently visit a qualified medical doctor to examine your progress and advice you accordingly. At times, you might be tempted to buy the HCG products from local dealers because they seem to be cheap. This is very dangerous because there are brands that do not have certification. Similarly, the dealers may not be in a position to give you the correct instructions of using them. After using the products, storage is very critical. You should keep them away from excessive sunlight and when you have not used any within a month, you had better disposed it.

Side effects of HCG injections

Despite the many advantages of using the HCG injection, it is also very important for you to be aware of the problems that are likely to result from the practice. Some of the effects are very serious hence; you cannot afford to ignore them while others will disappear with time. Among the common one include frequent headaches, the loss of appetite, poor levels of concentration, feeling exhausted most of the time when you have not worked at all and discouragement just to mention a few.

Life threatening side effects of HCG injections

On the other side, there are those effects that may cost your precious life if at all you do not seek the help of expert. They included allergic reactions characterized by difficulties when it comes to breathing, persistent swellings on the lips, tongue, throat as well as the face. Furthermore, women who take these types of injections have higher chances of experiencing the ovarian hypertension syndrome. Signs that accompany this form of complication include the swelling in the stomach, legs, hands severe pain in the pelvic regions, vomiting, abnormal rates of urinating, excess weight and at times breathing problems. For those boys who use the injections when they are still very young, the puberty signs tend to come up too early. Some of them will develop very deep voices; experience the growth of hair in the pubic parts and high levels of sweating