The Process Used to Get HCG Extracts

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a world renowned hormone that greatly helps in triggering the body to get better access of unwanted fats and instead convert them for the purpose of energy in the body this leading to the acquisition of a perfectly balanced body. Many people have been using it but very few understand much about it. It is important to know how is hcg extracted and what it goes through in order to become one of the most important product that seeks to offer people the best outcomes and help them develop they best looks all the time. There have been different arguments by scholars on the manner in which they are developed and it is important to highlight and come up with wonderful information that will help user’s understand the perfect and most reliable ways.

The research on hcg extracts started long time ago but the most reliable researches come in 1986. The Rajavidhi Hospital obtained urine from pregnant women of 2-3 months. Through this research, a lot of useful information was obtained. HCG was simply extracted by precipitation and acetone at the ration of one part urine and atleast two part acetones which were smartly shaken for a time period of ten minutes and kept at a wonderful 4 degrees Celsius. The clear solution was immediately poured out as the precipitable part was carefully collected by a centrifuge of 4,000 rpm for another ten minutes then it was filtered through the Whitman number 41. The results were that, urine for 2 to 3 mothers pregnant women are recommended for hcg extractions.

There have been great researches on the same using other ways and though some may sound funny, there have been a lot of issue concerning the facts of some scientific research and their outcome. For instance, scientists believe that a pregnant woman of 2-3 moths produces millions of I.U urine with human chorionic gonadotropin during the specific period. While this may sound awkward, what matters is the great result of the extracts in the whole campaign of helping people lives a healthier life. Other claims states that this offers just about 3244 amino acids and they are wonderful for cloning with centrifugal filtration. What matters in this stage is the sterilization of the solution through some obvious heating process to attain the best extracts.

The arguments on how is hcg extracted continues to come from different group of people. While some believe that the Kaolin and acetic methods are the best in getting the quality high class extracts what matters are the end results. Though this may be seen as low tech approaches, we are yet to know if they have any side effect to the body of users. The world is full of creative people who are always keen to come up with important extracts that when well measured offers the best to the body of users. It is important to do research and understand more about the functionality of the body and the effects of the extracts to the user’s bodies in order to come up with the most reliable approaches and the most important extracts that are known to offer the best of outcome.