Reasons as to Why HCG is Superior Form of Diet

Time and again people are looking for new ways lose weight. New fad diets are coming in and others never even get to be used by any person but the inventor of the diet. However when it comes to HCG diets, the superiority is seen from a mile away. In this same looking into aspects of Why HCG is a superior form of diet will help one jump so as to speak on the wagon and use this form of diet.

Quick weight loss

Everyone knows that the HCG diet banks on a calorie intake of between 500- 800 calories. With the help of the HCG injections in place, this diet was designed to ensure that one sees results as soon as possible. Thus in the recommended 45 days one gets to see a loss of 40-45 lbs meaning that one can lose up to an LB per day from first day. No other diet can purport to come to any of these results and this is why HCG is a superior form of diet

No exercises required

Most people usually stop with their diets for the simple reason that there is excruciating exercises that a person is supposed to do to see any weight loses. In this case having aching muscles and having to think about running or lifting weights is eliminated and one gets to do this only when they want to and don’t need. This is another reason as to why HCG is a superior form of diet as compared to any other.

A lot of energy

Looking in for another reason why HCG is a superior form of diet is that you will still have a lot of energy to do as you please. With the daily injections of the HCG into the bloodstream, one is able to get the same amount of energy as if they were not on the diet. This way one loses a lot of weight and still has enough energy to go by their daily activities.

Eat healthier

Unhealthier food can be gotten anywhere and that is one of the major reasons as to why people are gaining so much weight the world over. However when one embarks on the HCG diet things are a little different as only certain foods are allowed into the diet. In this case one will find themselves eating fruits and lean proteins something that they normally wouldn’t do on their one choice making HCG is a superior form of diet

Reduction in diseases

One of the major reasons as to why HCG is a superior form of diet comes in the form of health benefits. With the reduction of fat in the body one is able to ensure that their bodies are working properly and no functions are shutting down. This way no heart attacks are reported. On the other hand reduction in weight reduces the chances of one getting type 2 diabetes.

With all this reasons as to why HCG is a superior diet, there is practically no reason as to why a person should not try it. This is for the simple reason that one will not only be able to lose weight but also keep it off for good.

What are Pharmaceutical Grade HCG Drops and Where to Buy

Most people strive to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Even though there are many methods of weight lose that are popping up day after day, only a few of them have been clinically tried and tested. One of these treatments is HCG used by individuals desiring to shed their weight within a short period of time. HCG is available in two different categories. There is the homeopathic form and the pharmaceutical grade HCG drops form.

Pharmaceutical grade human chorionic gonadotropin is the type only available on prescription by physicians. You can get it as a drug in a pharmacy. Its availability in pharmacies assures us that it has undergone several rigorous testing in clinical trials to check its efficacy. The HCG is available in particular concentration as Dr ATW Simeons recommended. According to Dr Simeons, who is its founder, all HCG products must contain at least 125 IU HCG. And anything below that will be ineffective and can be useless.

You can’t buy pharmaceutical grade HCG from just any merchant. Furthermore, you will have to double check to ensure that it is authentic and also 100% pure, legit and original. You should be ware of the many sites and companies selling fake HCG drops. And before making a purchase, you should look for some things to be sure that you are purchasing the right thing.

What are the characteristics to look for in a pharmaceutical HCG?

• It should be graded as pharmaceutical grade HCG

Pharmaceutical HCG is nothing more than the purest form of HCG. The other forms of HCG contain some other hormones which make them less effective.

• Should be manufactured within the United States

You should not purchase any HCG from the third world countries as they don’t meet quality guidelines and it might also contain microbes.

• FDA approved

This is the most important. You have to ensure that FDA has approved the manufacturing process. If the supplier has the certificate, then you can purchase from them blindly. This way, you will purchase the right HCG.

Finding legit HCG drops

HCG drops are an effective and painless way of shedding any undesired weight within a short period of time. They contain HCG hormone which pregnant women produce in large amounts. The hormone determines the utilization of fats in the body and therefore it is effective in weight lose as it signals the hypothalamus to convert fat deposits into energy. However, to shed as much weight as you want, you should know how to find the real HCG drops, and how to adhere to a strict diet.

HCG drops are basically drops containing HCG hormone and which you place on your tongue. You may find them in shakes and in some other products. These drops are proven to help in weight loss. And the oral administration is a better alternative to injections. Furthermore, losing weight on HCG is much cheaper. You will get the maximum dosage and incur the least cost. There will be no need to visit a doctor and possibly you will increase the dosage by yourself to get your desired results. The following are the things to consider when looking for legit HCG:

• Comprehensive information

A simple online search will yield very many companies, reviews and products. Any blog or review that you read should cover quality documentation. In addition, you should check whether they have included instructions about the product. Mostly, these instructions should cover the diet basics, the implementation and maintenance. You should also note that pharmaceutical grade HCG drops are very powerful and will provide you with stunning results within a short period. But this will only be possible after you have adhered to the diet’s guidelines. By not following instructions, the drops will not provide you with any results. Therefore, a good review should include supporting information or a list of products which comes with the HCG. All the materials that come with the product should describe the specific dosage instructions.

• The ingredients

Ingredients are important as they make the HCG drops work and you should highly consider them when purchasing HCG drops. The supplier should list all the ingredients and briefly explain their effect. This way you will easily find out whether the product will work or not. The product should also follow FDA guidelines and should be manufactured in an FDA approved facility. Generally, you should not vtrust any product without listed ingredients. As a matter of fact, failure to disclose the products ingredients is a red flag and you should treat it as that.

• Price comparisons

Most HCG reviews leave out price comparisons. To find the right products which will meet your expectations, you will need price comparisons. They should at least compare the price and size of each product. Dosage plays a vital role as it will help you determine for how long you will use the product.

 Reputable companies

Not every pharmaceutical grade HCG drop manufacturer is reputable and trustworthy. Therefore, you should try to find the companies that offer return policies and generous product guarantee. Possibly, you will find guarantees that have absurd rules well laid out and meant to discourage any returns. Companies offering legal products should offer solid return policies and solid guarantees. The guarantees are important because they ensure that you are dealing with a company that believes in its products and which is confident that their products will meet your needs. The company should also have contact customer support or a phone number.

 Unbiased feedback

A good HCG review should not promote any specific HCG product. It should provide you with honest and unbiased information concerning the HCG products. This way you will ensure that you are getting the true information. HCG diet is available in many forms. Therefore, before spending any of your hard earned money you should read the legal HCG drops reviews. The information you get will assist you in finding the right products from reputable companies.

All HCG manufacturers do not produce HCG drops in a similar way. But one benefit that HCG drops offer is faster results. You will realize results within a few weeks. During the first week, your body will feel lighter and this will inspire and motivate you. You will not encounter hunger cravings while in the dieting program and you will therefore you will continue with your day to day activities without any problems.

Is HCG Diet for Men?

A program that has been commonly used for weight loss is that of Human Chorionic gonadotropin diet. In short terms, it is known as HCG diet which is incorporated through injections or drops.

A very common question that is frequently asked is whether the diet will work for men. It is a query that needs to be answered. This wonderful supplement has been proved to be effective to both men and women. The main issue here is to know whether the diet good for men. The clear details that describe the actual facts are written down in this informative article.“Is HCG diet for men?’’ Does this question bother you? Well, if it does then your answers are right here.

Just relax as you read through. Evidence about HCH diet It is well known that HCG hormone have significant results to both male and female due to a number of unlike explanation. The most common benefit between men and women when they use this supplement is that it facilitate weight loss, the growth of muscles and also rebuilding of the body. To men, the HCG diet is very helpful. The good news is that it improves the testosterone. For example, if you are a man who has grown older, your testosterone may become low. This may be caused by the daily activities that you are involved in during your life. This should not trouble you because HCG diet can work for you. If you take this wonderful supplement, all the troubles such as reduction of mass muscles, reduced energy, infertility and sexual dysfunction among other problems will discontinue.

This proves that HCG diet is beneficial to men. How HCG work to the Testosterone As mentioned earlier, this amazing supplement has a great effect on low testosterone. Do you want to know how this wonderful supplement work if you have low testosterone? It is simple, once you take the supplement; it acts as a luteinizing hormone. It alerts the testicles to produce testosterone. HCG hormone is produced by women when they are pregnant. This doesn’t mean that men will not produce; the good thing is that men are able to produce it at a low level during the cause of their life. Now you have known that HCG does the same task as well as luteinizing hormone (LH). HCG boosts the testosterone levels therefore during the sexual experience, androgen receptors improve the sexual pleasure because hormones are released by the pituitary gland. This also improves penile growth which also increases the number of sperms.
Injection of HCG diet is the right dosage for men who want to boost the level of testosterone. This will not obstruct your sleep or your daily activities. Benefits of using HCG As a man, using HCG has a lot of benefits to you. Here is a list of awesome advantages that you come upon;• Being obese will be rare to you• There is increase in the muscle strength and mass • Improve both blood and oxygen circulation in the body thus supporting circulation system. • Improves the overall body health • Help in the red blood cells to increase in number • Facilitate reduction of fats and also overall weight• Boosts the sexual desire • Improve the performance of sex and decrease sexual dysfunctions • Increase the density of the bones among other benefits

Now that you have all the information bear in mind that the effect of HCG diet is great. In the real sense, the benefits of HCG diet outnumber the side effects. Now you don’t have to ask whether the supplement is suitable for men. The answer is yes, HCG is for men.