How to Eat in Phase Two of HCG Diet

hase two of the HCG diet is the main part of the whole process and it is the very low calorie diet phase. The environment of phase two is controlled and you are assured of losing weight if you follow the rules of the phase. In this phase you increase your metabolism and reset your body to start taking up fat normally without harming body weight. This phase starts on day three of the diet. The foods you eat during this phase are very critical because they will determine how you lose weight. You are allowed to eat proteins, some meats and some vegetables as long as they are low of fats. It is important to have a list of foods to eat during phase two of the HCG diet so that you can achieve your goals at the end of the diet.

The list of foods you have drafted for phase two of the HCG diet will help you determine what to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are not advised to miss any meal of the day in the name of trying to lose weight faster. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day because it gives you energy to start the day. During phase two of the HCG diet, breakfast should consist of tea or coffee without sugar. However, you can sue stevia or honey. You cannot use milk unless it is with coffee and it is one tablespoon of milk and only one per day.

Lunch is also important because it maintains your energy. Eating lunch can be tricky because most people usually opt for take outs during lunch or processed food to avoid the hustle of cooking or because you can’t cook at work. You are allowed to eat a maximum of 100 grams of protein every day for lunch. You must ensure that the protein you are eating is low in fat and you use the leanest meat. If you can see fat on the meat then you must remove it before cutting. You are not allowed to fry the protein but you can cook it in any way that you want. You are also allowed to eat one vegetable at lunch. During this diet, you must eat all your meals with at least one vegetable every meal. Some of the vegetables allowed are spinach, cucumber, tomatoes and onions, mustard greens, cabbage, kales among others. Fruits are also recommended during lunch. You should be careful when eating fruits because some fruits such as pineapples and mangoes have high sugar content and therefore you should avoid them or eat a limited amount.Dinner is almost the same as lunch. You must ensure that your protein uptake during dinner is also 100 grams. You must also eat at least one veggie and if you can get a fruit, it is advisable you do so. Generally for all the meals during phase two of the HCG diet, you should not fry anything. You can cook the meals in anyway but no frying.