HCG Diet Samples Recipe For Dinner

Many at times when people embark on the HCG diet, they get confused as to what they should be eating. This is for the simple reason that some foods are completely eliminated from the diet and are not to be touched while some others should be eaten in moderations as calories should not be over 500-800. In this case knowing the HCG diet samples recipe for dinner is essential if one hopes to follow the strict diet plan to the end.

Dr simeons protocol

Calorie intake according to original diet by Dr. simeons protocol is very strict and does not have any alternative to it as in connection with what is to be eaten. The HCG diet samples recipe for dinner in this case usually has only one choice form it.100 grams of proteins chicken breast, beef, white fish, lobster, crab, and shrimp. Note that visible traces of fat should be removed before weighing and cooking is done. one type of vegetable from a number of the following, spinach, green salad, chard, chicory, tomatoes, celery ,fennel, onions, cabbage, cucumbers, red radishes, asparagus. Bread stick or Melba toast is also included in the recipe for dinner. A fruit of choice of apples, oranges, half of a grapefruit or handful of strawberries is also allowed.

Dr. simeons HCG diet samples recipe for dinner

• One piece of chicken breast or 100 grams of chicken breast

• Vegetable cup full of spinach

• One breadstick

• One apple

Kevin Trudeau’s protocol

Taking its foundation from Dr. Simeons Protocol, Kevin did modifications according to one’s health and likings. In this case what resulted was four phases of HCG diet samples recipe for dinner.

Phase 1 HCG diet samples recipe for dinner

• 100 grams of protein

• A lot of vegetables

• A lot of fruits especially apples

• Eating of breadfruit everyday

• Multivitamin

• exercise

Exercise should be done for one hour and should only comprise of walking in the evenings before dinner. Increased water intake in between bits while taking dinner is also recommended.

Phase 2 HCG diet samples recipe for dinner

This happens to be 3 days into the diet . in this case HCG diet samples recipe for dinner usually comprises anything that one gets their hands on to feed except for carbohydrates and sugar. This is in for the simple reason one needs to gain energy from phase one and also prepare themselves for the next few weeks of dieting. Food intake in reduced and one gets back to normal to dr. simeons protocol diet for 25-45 days.

Phase 3

When it comes to HCG diet samples recipe for dinner according to Kevin trudeaus plan, one should strive eating normally again. Healthy foods containing a lot of fruits and vegetable should fill ones plate. Artificial sweeteners and sugar are still not allowed. Fast foods and energy drinks are also eliminated at this stage.

HCG diet samples recipe for dinner

• One sauce plate full of vegetables or more

• One or two apples

• 200 grams of beef

• 1 cup rice

Phase 4

This can also be called post HCG diet. In this case custom making the diet and elimination of bad foods is done completely. This is so as to maintain weight and HCG diet samples recipe for dinner comprise of anything dieter wants but is low in calories.